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How to Park a Domain Name

Of course, domain names should be used for websites.

Developing a website can take some time, and if you have more domains, you should temporarily park unused domains to earn you at least some money (until you develop them).

There are several great parking companies:

Parked is one of the best companies. Especially suitable for the U.S./Canadian market. Open a Parked account (free).

Trafficz is also very good for the U.S./Canadian market, and to a certain extent, it also supports some European languages, but for non-English domains Sedo and NameDrive (right column) are more recommended. Open a Trafficz account now (free).

Trafficz sign-up (free)



Each of the parking companies is a bit different. Also the possibilities to customize the parking page vary. For each domain name something else may work better.


NameDrive is recommended domain names in foreign languages and non-US traffic (especially European).
Open a NameDrive account now (free).


Sedo parking is great for foreign language domains, especially if you need a different page for each language. Of course, it works also for the English language, anyway, in most cases (but not always), Parked and Traffic work better. Sedo is also a trading platform, where you can offer your domain for sale, or to find a domain to buy.
Open a Sedo account now (free).


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